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Available online, and at all Dimple Records locations right now! E-Moe and Pay$tyle Music returns to the game with a high quality West Coast release, “The Smoke Out” (Vol. 1) produced entirely by Rizzla Beats of Sweden. Featuring over 20 guest appearances including C.O.S., E.Klips Da Hustla, California Bear Gang, Nome Nomadd, Joezy Wells, Peta Parka, Mo Betta, Lokee Smokn’, D-Dubb, Footz The Beast, Duecie Nickels, Ann Carter, C.O. Tha Bad Black, Mac Mike, Pro Fedik, and more.

Light up, smoke out, and enjoy some great music from start to finish!!!

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to order email E-Moe at: emoe3000@gmail.com


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