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IMG 9048-Edit-1          Sang Luangrath was born in Vientiane, Laos on November 11, 1983 to Tui Bounvanh Luangrath (Susana Vanloon). Raised by a single parent, Sang Luangrath has never known his father and has no memory of him as he was growing up. He is the oldest of two brothers. At the age of eight, he followed his mother to the United States of America, crossing over the Pacific Ocean in 1992.

          Sang Luangrath grew up in Orange County, first living in Garden Grove (1992-1997) and, in his early teens, moved to the west side of Fullerton on Baker St., now known as Iris Court (1997). West side of Fullerton is not your typical Orange County neighborhood. A Hispanic gang, known as the Baker St. Gang, resides there. From drive-by shootings, drug dealings, police chases, to new graffities being erased each week, West side of Fullerton is not how television depicts the OC. The environment and way of living made Sang Luangrath what he is today but is still able to keep his focus in life and reach his life long dream in music.

          He fell in love with music ever since he was little but never took it seriously until the age of 13. At the beginning of that age, he wrote poems to simply pick up girls while attending Brookhurst Junior High in Anaheim. Before he knew it, it grew into something bigger. It grew into a different form of poetry. It was the art of rapping. It was Hip-Hop. Realizing his new-found talent, he started writing song after song. He then started recording them on his mother's voice recorder along with the instrumentals played by a boombox.

          On December 17th, 1999 a devastating murder of his two best friends hit home. Chris Nguyen and Jerry Laliemthavisay were gunned down at a nearby construction site in the city of Anaheim. Their deaths were hard to accept and comprehend but it made him stronger. The murder stays unsolved 'till this day. During that same year, Sang Luangrath became known as SUPASANG thanks to a fellow classmate named Abdi. He claimed that "Supasang is the coolest person he knows." From then on, the name SUPASANG came side by side with Sang Luangrath.

          A year later SUPASANG took his rap game to another level by freestyling-- rap lyrics improvised and performed with no previously composed lyrics-- with local classmates while attending Savanna High school in Anaheim. He freestyled at home, in class, while driving, on the phone, and even in his sleep. He even performed freestyle sessions with classmates almost every day during lunch time and after school.

          SUPASANG continued to work on his talent in music and by the age of 24, he became known as a Laotian recording rap artist from the OC (714). Under his belt was a 6 track mixtape (untitled), 10-track album (Da Missin' Chapter), 16 track mixtape (Hustle & Flow), 3 music videos ("Lam Buc Dam"--Laos Rap, "Kop Jai"--Thank You, "Cali Thang"), and a documentary video "Supasang: In The Making." Two more videos were released by the next year: "Lime Light" and "Leum Xa (Remix)." In 2008, SUPASANG disappeared from the music scene. On November 2nd of the same year, SUPASANG's first son was born.

          Fatherhood became his first priority and his music was put on hold. Now, after two years, SUPASANG is back and on his paper chase. He has a new single called "Brush Them Haters Off" and it summarizes his two years off from music. SUPASANG has grown not only as a more mature man but also into a more mature artist. It's not a question of whether SUPASANG is ready for the world, but is the world ready for SUPASANG?





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