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          CAP1TAL--AKA--CARTRELL arrived onto the musical platform of Hip Hop & R n B during a time when people begin to question rather the passion in this industry had died. He brings a different vibe to the world of music. After years of changing names from Cartel to L Cartel, this innovative artist, and song writer decided to take things to another level by choosing CAP1TAL(Cartrell) to make that happen.

          "I feel like the change that is missing in Hip Hop and the roots to change is CAP1TAL in this life, which is me," says CAP1TAL.

His style is like no other and is demonstrated through his unique blend of Hip Hop, Soul and R&B. Currently, he's working on his current project which will feature Prhyme Time, Mark Dawg, Joosah, and a few others from Da Advocatez..As well as putting together Da Advocatez compilation entitled "We Advocated"  Which represents a movement to promote a positive outlook on music in times where clones run the airwaves.

          Growing up under the influences of musicians like Al Green,  Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, 2 Pac, Sade, Bootsy Collins, Digital Underground, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, Nas and Ice Cube. CAP1TAL strives to inspire and change his listeners by bringing them a fresh new sound and hope through music.
"We all only have one life to live with many roads to choose from. Let's hope that the right road is one that will lead towards a true difference in sound, passion, and wisdom".

          Passion for this industry is what keeps it alive. His passion derives from his ability to paint a picture of motivation and inspiration for society's underdogs. He states that "Music is our current outlet to lead and speak to one another, motivate, educate, relate, stimulate and most of all defend the defenseless. Music gives us power and the ability to make a difference."

          In the next 5 years, he plans to drop 3 albums, do shows, build his brand and artisy. As he continues steering towards changing music he wants his fans to know him as the rebel who did not bow down, sell his soul, or exploit the communities to get rich. Instead he fought to make a positive change.
          Capital concludes, "I'd love for my music to inspire people and be internationally known." With Da Advocatez and his drive to change the heart of sound, there is no doubt that he will succeed in that venture.



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