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          Well it all started back in August of 2007, when Mike Carlson AKA “MoneyMike” moved back to California. Mike moved next door to a close friend and was introduced to Jason Forget AKA “Rev~Jay”. With Money Mikes talent and Rev~Jays organization skills, they deceided to dedicate eachday towards making sounds that everyone would enjoy. With the help from close friends and family sharing there input and opinions about the tracks. Over time these tracks turned into masterpieces and Money Mike was the inspiration behind eachone. With alot of lab time on Money Mikes behalf, and the input from everyone we were in contact with, we came up with new music daily. The next step for us was to keep the music going and use this foundation that we had to build off of. Now that the ball was rolling, it was time to take it to the next step and start recruting other talent, expanding our communication skills.
          The first member that was introduced to us was Kelly Smotherman AKA “K-Smo” who brought emaculant singing and knowledge of other talent, we coincided with 2 of her good friends Justin Silas AKA “JSi” and Brandon Kelly AKA “BK” formerly know as SpaceSquad. The next person to join was Gerald Miguel AKA “G’ Money”, another local artist who had already been putting his own music out there like us. Another artist that was recently added is Steven Jackson AKA “Mr. Burns”, he also has been working hard on his solo career. With each one of talented individuals and there own unique music qualitys. Everyone in the group felt the same passion towards music and had something unique to offer.

          When you combine the two you get a group/family with the same drive and dedication towards our goal. After we all got together things just started falling into place. We realized that it was time for the next step to become a group and get our music out there. One night while in the studio, we all agreed that we needed to come up with a catchy name that everyone would remember. Alot of group names were thrown out there but WhoRide ended up becoming the main choice. The name had fit us perfectly and now it was time to spread word about WhoRide. Our first official show was at the Onyx Bar in roseville. From there we started doing more local shows in roseville with other local groups and even performed a show in San Francisco. With the local fans supporting us and being able to perform at nice venues, WhoRide was ready to go.

          After a couple months of performing we were given the opportunity to open up for some main stream artists at The Boardwalk in Orangevale. So far we have opened up for E-40, San Quinn, Keak da Sneak,The Pack, The Hardknox, Techn9ne, Nifty, with plenty more to come. Our main goal is to produce music that will inspire people and give them something that they want to listen to. So please feel free to leave us comments and feedback letting us know what you like and dislike about WhoRide. Lets face it! the genre of music coming out on the local radio is more or less astonishing to some and down right lame to others. Satellite radio on the other hand is becoming the worlds link to multiple style of music. Hopefully sooner than later someone across the united states or even world will turn on there Satellite radio, hear our music and enjoy it!

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